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Buy Rove Haze cartridge online. Rove Haze cartridge is made of the haze strain that stemmed from the roots of the high altitude which grows of the Santa Cruz Moutains. Rove haze cartridge is sativa dominant and a true west coast blend that drops a sweet and lemon-heavy tropical flavor right on the palate with a THC level close to 76%. Bolstered with earthy undertones, its cerebral high provides a high-energy and creative buzz that is sure to bring out the best of a sunny California day.

The Rove Haze Oil has a perfect amount of kick. It is supposed to hit the inspiration and creative parts of our brains and it does just that with its Sativa properties and an THC level of close to 76%. It was just the perfect push to make it through the day with a great attitude and help inspire that gave me the strength to take this tangie strain cause am guarantee of the result,'says some people'.

Reviews related to Rove Carts products.

  • Should try this out. I'm a new smoker and just bought some top shelf stuff that just made me too high and panic set in. My seasoned smoker friends enjoyed your stuff too. Great products Mann.

  • First time using the Rove. Incridible product

  • It’s my first time buying Rove, so I went cheap and bought a half gram. After a few hit I realized I fucked up and should’ve bought a full gram. This product is good af, and my wife loves it too

  • Rove is consistently the best of the best when it comes to the premium cart game...Idk why I ever stray away from them, because I’m always disappointed by other companies when I do. 100% loyal to ROVE, given they continue their tract record of excellence. Keep up the stellar work, I love you guys!!

  • Ever since the first time I tried Rove about 2 years ago. I have been a advocate of all things Rove Brand. Absolutely love the way they taste and they definitely do the job for me.

  • I have my preference, but I haven't had a single cart or flavor that I didn't like. Everything from the packaging, the cart, and especially the oil itself is superb. They clearly strive to make a premium product and it shows. I have not experienced the leaking and clogging problems with the new cartridges.

  • Everything from the CBD line to Feature Farms you can’t go wrong with any flavor.