Muha Mini Watermelon

Muha Mini Watermelon

Muha Mini Watermelon

$40 / Full Gram Cartridges

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Although MuhaMini watermelon strain is 80% indica, it is reported to provide energetic, uplifting, and euphoric feelings. The aroma is described at sweet and earthy, and the watermelon flavor also has hints of berry/grape.

Sativa, Uplifting and euphoric sensation. Cannabinoids and Terpenes Ingredients; B-Myrcene: Naturally Found In: mango, wild thyme, cardamom, hops. Valencene: Naturally Found In: Valencia oranges. Linalool: Naturally Found In: lavander, cilantro, basil. Muhameds products do not contain any additives, PG, VG or vitamin E.

Reviews related to Muha Mini products.

  • Has a decently strong flavor, but some artifitial flavor too, besides this, it's not bad.

  • I'm so glad each time I get ths grand daddy flavor strain. It's got a great smell, great look and hits you good.

  • More practical then their big brothers. Love it but still waiting for how long it's gonna last

  • Always stocked up with great products and good flavors. love this brand

  • Good innovating product. seem to be the luckiest who got his product delivered in little or no time, cuz on of my dude recieved his package about three days after i recieved mine. Thanks though for the services.

  • Should try this out. I'm a new smoker and just bought some top shelf stuff that just made me too high and panic set in. My seasoned smoker friends enjoyed your stuff too. Great products Mann.