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Buy Rove Tangie cartridge online. Rove Tangie cartridge has a strong and feeling good powers that tingle and motivate it consumer. Tangie cartridge let your spirit fizzle and pop up your creativity as the tangie strain hits you with its sweet and citrus flavor, bringing out your vibrant side. Tangie cartridge slowly inundate your senses from an Euphoria state to a Relaxation state through a Happiness state after a colorfull moment with rove tangie.

Rove's Tangie cartridge is made of high-quality glass with a metal tip that doesn't clog easily and offers a smooth vapor that's easy on the throat and lungs. The taste is very similar to other Tangie strains, defined by a sweet and citrusy flavor. The effects were moderate and more relaxing than energetic

Reviews related to Rove Carts products.

  • First time using the Rove. Incridible product

  • It’s my first time buying Rove, so I went cheap and bought a half gram. After a few hit I realized I fucked up and should’ve bought a full gram. This product is good af, and my wife loves it too

  • Rove is consistently the best of the best when it comes to the premium cart game...Idk why I ever stray away from them, because I’m always disappointed by other companies when I do. 100% loyal to ROVE, given they continue their tract record of excellence. Keep up the stellar work, I love you guys!!

  • Ever since the first time I tried Rove about 2 years ago. I have been a advocate of all things Rove Brand. Absolutely love the way they taste and they definitely do the job for me.

  • I have my preference, but I haven't had a single cart or flavor that I didn't like. Everything from the packaging, the cart, and especially the oil itself is superb. They clearly strive to make a premium product and it shows. I have not experienced the leaking and clogging problems with the new cartridges.

  • Everything from the CBD line to Feature Farms you can’t go wrong with any flavor.